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The butterflies in my stomach have flown up through my throat and learned to love the open air

the open air!

...and a cute argumentative girl to wrestle with
12 December 1981
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

- Hunter S. Thompson

I've kept my posts almost exclusively friends only for a few years now. But I'm still here, still reading and posting, still a wise-ass, and still accepting new e-pals. Especially if you live near me and are interested in becoming irl pals.

"This is the online equivalent of a personalzine, and should be in no way mistaken for a complete person. What I write here is only a fragment of what goes through my head, and is translated twice: first into words, then out of my personal language and into more standard English."

Quoted from roadnotes

If you need to get a hold of me, please see this post, which contains all the relevant information. Note: most of you are probably not filtered into this post.

And while we're at it: my Amazon Wish List.

June 2011, South Congress
- "She looked at me and said, "I could be nice" and flashed me the brightest insincere, sincere, energetic smile I've seen since you left town. It was one of those moments where my heart went "plink"." -- ir_g0d355

- Born and raised in NJ. Spent a couple of years as a gypsy. Then a couple of years back in Jersey, getting domesticated. Now I'm in Texas, relearning to be a monster. Life is funny.
- Everything I've done that I'm proud of since I turned 24 has been a life-changing experience.
- I'm Vin Diesel, Made of Beeeeeszz, Damnit, and Nicole. No need to be confused, they're really all the same person; just at different volumes.
- Everything great you've heard about me is true; everything mean is bullshit from haters. Can we move on now, please? :)

- "You have a beauty about you that is quirky and yet sexy and tough. It's like I look at you and I want to take care of you but at the same time know that you would fuck me into oblivion and kick my ass all at the same time. lol I don't know if I explained that right." -- la_reine_rien

All edits to my S2 style by zimzat & kunzite1, because they are Teh Win.
All usericons that do not display a credit to the maker can be assumed to have been made by me; chances are, I have the original photograph the icon was made from. If you want to use one, go for it, but please drop a comment to let me know, and definitely credit me in the comments for that pic. Also, using my face is just sort of rude. So like, don't. K? :)
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